Notebooks and leather notebook are our first and key products
October 8, 2017
Midori traveler’s notebook and travel journal made in Vietnam
October 12, 2017
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2018 monthly and weekly planner for busy people at work

traveler's notebook, midori notebook

Traveler's notebook

Located in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, our factory crafts high quality planners, with a good understanding of customers who work in office. With years of experience in the industry, we know what users expect for a monthly planner or weekly planner. The content of the pages and their order in the note, the type of paper and its colour, the thickness, the easy of opening the book… are what taken into consideration when we make a monthly planner or weekly planner.

The types of weekly planners and monthly planners that we produce

weekly planner, monthly planner, 6-ring metal mechanism plannner

Metal mechanism binding

One of our first planners we ever made is the one with metal mechanism binding. The 6-ring mechanism that you can insert the paper, turn it easily, change its position and replace it after used.

Metal mechanism weekly and monthly planners normally come with a nice leather cover on which you have pockets and places to organize your business things such as cards, paper, mobile phone…

The printed content also allows you to write your personal data, some trip planner and certainly the month and week schedule, plus hundreds of lined pages.

moleskine notebook, weekly monthly planner

Section sewn bound notebooks, Moleskine style

Another type of notebook, which is very old, is the section sewn bound. We also make weekly and monthly planner using this binding technique. With the right technology and materials, our notebook is lay flat when open, easy to turn the pages.

Similar to metal mechanism one, we also print the content so as to enable users plan a week or a month. People like this type because it is very traditional, and yet simple. Plus there is no gap between the left and the right pages.

Compared to the other type, the section sewn bound is quite cheaper. Most of the Moleskine planners and notebooks are section sewn bound. Surely, ours are same but much more competitive.

traveler's notebook, midori notebook

Traveler’s notebook

Recently, Midori – the Japanese notebook maker introduce the traveler’s notebook which has some independent refills connected to a thick leather cover through elastic band. Our Bettino Vittoria and the Liberta is also crafted using this technique, a very smart notebook concept.

Each refill could be a lined or plain or even a weekly or monthly planner. Depends on your needs, you can just insert the right refills. Once you use up, you can replace the old one and keep it conveniently.

Originally, this kind of leather notebook is for travelers. However, with the right size and type of refills, this could be a perfect planner.

At JCI, we use very good and thick leather to craft the cover of this and our paper is also special.

Leather and paper materials for weekly and monthly planner

For metal mechanism planner, we have the options to use PU leather or genuine leather. Our PU leather is imported from Italy. If requested, we can also use China PU leather. The other material is genuine leather. We have US leather, Italy leather, Bangladesh leather for your choices.

As for the section sewn bound notebook, there is only one choice for cover materials, which is PU leather. We normally use those imported from Holland and Italy. This kind of notebook, you can not use genuine leather for the cover.

On the other hand, the traveler’s notebook is alway made using genuine leather. It should be a very thick one. If you use PU leather, the cover does not look right.

Our products are also famous for writing paper quality. If the cover is good, the binding technique is perfect but paper is too bad, users may not write on it. All our notebooks use cream/off-white writing paper, with thickness of 80-100 gsm. We select the good paper to deliver writing pleasure. It is smooth and fountain pen friendly. There is no ink bleeding our feathering.


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