JCI – Bettino crafting ring binder notebooks for Walmart
December 31, 2022
JCI – Bettino crafting ring binder notebooks for Walmart
December 31, 2022
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Bettino notebooks manufacturers: top 3 directions for 2024 – 2026

Found since June 2010, we has achieved some recognized position in Vietnam local market, with customers from Australia, Europe and US. Each and every year, the company keeps changing for the better. So far,  as one of an established notebooks manufacturers, we are proud of our major successes: product selection, materials and craftsmanship. We have had the right products for our target markets. We understand customers’ needs. We possess winning materials, especially cover leather and writing paper. and our craftsmanship is excellent with advanced machineries and skillful workers.

2023 has seen improvement in purchasing power from both retail and corporate markets. More customers came to us for notebooks and journals, compared to the downturn in 2021, 2022. It is now time to set our top 3 directions for period 2024 – 2026.

Export notebooks products and become a reliable factory for brands in US and Europe

Experience shows that demand for section sewn bound notebooks from US and Europe market is huge. Those hard and soft cover notebooks with lay-flat binding and an elastic band closure are searched tremendously. Brands is looking for factories, notebooks manufacturers, from Vietnam to produce these products.

Our statement has been ‘crafting notebooks and journals for paper addicts and office workers’. However, we have found that our products is better known among the handwriting users. We need more products for the office workers which is far larger as a segment.

Bettino (JCI) is ready for this trend. With the selected cover materials, writing paper and the technology, we are confident that all of your requirements will be satisfied.

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Research and develop more products for office workers

At this point in time, our R&D team is working in new products. We will update you soon. So let’s wait and see.

Diversify product selection with PU leather

During period 2013-2015, we have been successful with PU leather notebooks. But there was some time we shifted to washable kraft paper and vegetable tanned leather to pursuit our rustic identify.

However, we can not denied that PU is an attractive materials for the cover. Journals and notebooks crafted out of PU leather always look good. The hand feel is nice when you touch it. It does not last long like kraft paper or genuine leather but the thing is that end users only use it for one or some years and move to new products.

We have PU leather from Synt3 (Italy) and Alpha3 (Svepa – China) which are leading suppliers of this type of materials. If you are looking for PU leather notebooks, look no further.

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