We are Bettino Company Limited, formerly known as Jupiter Crafts International (JCI)…

In June 2010, Mr. Phan, the founder of Bettino, started up his business, distributing stationery and leather products in Vietnam. The company was formerly named as JCI, with an ambition to invest in production facility, crafting small leather goods, exporting to oversea markets.

In late 2011, he took the word Bettino which means “Blessed” in Italian and started to build a new name for the company. Bettino is now the name and the meaning behind the company. “Blessed”, is what we hope the customers can feel it when they use our products.

Bettino crafts small leather goods for people at work…

Bettino notebooks and planners had penetrated bookstore chains in big cities across Vietnam since 2012. We also have corporate customers from insurance and banking industries.

Though having some items for people on travel, most of Bettino products are for people at work. Notebook, diary, planner, card case, wallet, briefcase, badge holder, phone case, pen case, key chain… are our main products.

Building ‘uniqueness’ for the company…

Bettino is capable of serving OEM and ODM inquiries. We craft leather products using materials and technique as required by customers. At the same time, we also have our own products under our own name. And we are building some ‘uniqueness’ for the company through unique materials and excellent craftsmanship.

Mainly, our products are made from vegetable tanned leather and washable kraft paper in order to differentiate ourselves from the market. Besides made-by-machine products, our factory also has hand coloring facility to dye the leather, with skillful workers to craft it by hands.

We train our craftsmen to make only good products for our beloved customers. Bettino’s fans are now able to realize our own products easily from the first look.

Make good all shortcomings. Gain more experience. Overcome all difficulties. Better ourselves. Those are what our workers are pursueing in their daily work.

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