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Midori traveler’s notebook and travel journal made in Vietnam

The simple and yet unique Midori traveler’s notebook has become an irresistible journal to travellers world-wide. The notebook is only a simple leather cover, coming with some refills connected through elastic band. The success of Midori has made hundreds of companies try to make this products. Anyway, it is good for the communities because Midori traveler’s notebook is way too expensive.

JCI has two versions of traveler’s notebook, Midori made in Saigon Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Bettino Vittoria 2M

Some years back, we created the Bettino Vittoria, made in Saigon Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. This product concept is also about using elastic band to connect paper refills to the leather cover. However, our cover is made of vegetable tanned leather, ‘incorporating’ some pockets inside for your to keep your travel essentials such as boarding pass, passport, card, money.

The special about Bettino Vittoria is that once you remove all the refill, the cover becomes a wallet. You may hold a mobile phone, money, card and some many things with this wallet. Plus, if you want to write something, our paper will deliver your writing pleasure because it is fountain pen friendly, very thick but smooth, no ink bleeding and feathering.

Midori, Midori traveler's notebook

Libera 1S – traveler’s notebook

Besides, we also have the simple version which only has a simple cover and refills. The Liberta, without compartments like Vittoria. It is hard to compare and tell which one is better, between Midori and Liberta, but our product use very special leather. It possesses a rustic vintage style, while the brush brass accessories also add to the retro look of the item. The more you use it, the better it looks.

Like Vittoria, the Liberta always comes with a few refills. We make it convenient for consumers. Once you buy it, you have almost everything. The leather cover, the 02 writing paper refills, the folder and a 02 years calendar.

Bettino Bravo – Moleskine style

The other options of travel journal

Today, ‘professional traveller’ always bring along a travel journal. True, all of them want to write about feeling and experience, even before the journey. The journal becomes a friend, everyday, everywhere. And, a friend needs to be good. This is reason why travelers normally buy high quality notebook for the trip. The other important features of the journal is light weight and wear and tear resistant.

You may want to try the size S of Liberta but another option is the Bravo one. This is a Moleskine style notebook. We craft it using very good cover materials, good paper and excellent craftsmanship. You won’t see any weaknesses. You will love it.

For inquiries, please contact:
Jupiter Crafts International Limited - JCI Factory
42/9 Truong Dang Que Street, Go Vap District, HCM City, Vietnam, 700000
Hotline: +84 917 56 8686. Email:

Our factory located in Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We have English speaking staff


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