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October 12, 2017
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Notebook size selection guide

Notebooks have many many sizes for customers’ choice. For experienced users, this shouldn’t be an issue but for those who are not, selecting the right size is not easy. This post gives you some information and ideas about sizes to help you identify which size is most suitable.

Selecting the right size of traveler’s notebook

Traveler’s notebook is normall available in 3 sizes: the passport size which is smallest, the regular size and the A5 size.

For passport size, the refill is 9cmx12.5cm, while the cover is a bit larger. This can hold your passport during your trip. However, you can’t write much because it is too small. People choosing this size because it is ‘portable’, small and light enough to carry.

At JCI, we do not produce passport size. Our small size is the S size. E.g. if a product mentions Liberta 1S, that means the Liberta traveler’s notebook, version 1.0, size S. Size S is 9cmx14cm for the refill. The advantage of this size is that you can place your passport into the kraft paper folder without removing the refills.

The Traveler’s company also produce Regular size, with refill 11cmx21cm. Most companies producing traveler’s notebook, including us, have this size.

Besides, you may find the A5 size, which refill of 14.5cmx21cm or 14cmx21cm. This is one for those who want to write many many things.

Sizes of notebooks in general

For notebooks like the Moleskine or any ring binding ones, the popular sizes are A5 (which is largest), B6 or B7.

If you want some notebook to carry along your trip, the B7 size, which is 9.5cmx14cm, is best. It is small and very light for you to place in the backpack.

The B6, which is 12cmx17.5cm, is medium. You can use it at office or just carry it in a bag.

For those who have many things to write everyday, the A5 is the one. Writing paper for A5 size is 14.5cmx21cm, big enough to write but too heavy to carry and many not have space to keep it.

In the market, you may find a few more sizes. If you go with a refillable notebook, just make sure that you can buy the refills when all is used up. To notebook addicts, one size is not enough. They normally use 2 sizes, 1 big and 1 small. The big one is to used in office or at home, while the small one is to carry along.

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