1. Introduction

This website is under the possession of Jupiter Crafts International Limited, with head office at 42/9 Truong Dang Que Street, Ward 1, Go Vap District, HCM City

Visiting this website meaning that you have alread agreed with the terms and condition mentioned herein.

This website and its content may be changed, in part or in whole, without prior notice. To continue using this website, means that you accept all those changes.

2. Instruction on using web jcifactory.com

Customers using website jcifactory.com must guarantee that you have the capacity for civil acts in order to buy goods herein, in accordance with Vietnam laws.

We shall provide each customer with an account in order to shop in the website, under the stated terms and conditions.

Customers must register with all sufficient and accurate information, and update it if there is any changes. Each user must be responsible for his password, account and activities in the website. In case any loss of account or it is used by any third party, customer should inform us right away. We are not responsible for any loss caused as a result of customer not following the regulations.

When shopping in the website, customer should sign in your account so that the transaction is done simply and quickly. At the same time, the website also collect all transaction history so that you can track your order easily.

Using any part of this website for your own purpose, without JCI’s agreement, is prohibited. If there is any violation herein, we shall terminate your account without prior notice.

During registration and using the website jcifactory.com, customers agree to receive advertising/promotion email from JCI. In case you want to stop receiving it, you can reject by clicking the provided link and follow instructions.

3. Accepting of your order and price 

At any time, JCI reserve the right to deny and cancel your orders due to any reason relating to technical and system errors.

We may confirm your name, phone number and address before taking your order.

We promise to provide most accurate pricing information to all customers. However, if there is mistake, depends on each individual case, JCI shall give instruction or inform the cancelation of your order. When shopping at jcifactory.com, due to our setting, your browser may store and display information which is not updated and sometimes, the prices you see is not updated prices. We reserve the right to cancel or reject any order, even if it has or has not been confirmed or paid.

4. Change and Cancelation of order 

In any case, customer may take the below action if he or she want to terminate the transaction or cancel the order:

· Inform JCI about cancelation through our Hotline +84 917.56 86 86

· Return the goods received but not used (in accordance with our Return policy)

5. Solving consequence due to wrong information provided 

In case customers provide wrong information or inaccurate and send to this website, we reserve the right to deny all transactions. In any case, customer may cancel all transaction once taking the below actions:

·  Inform the shop through our Hotline +84 917.56 8686

·  Return the goods received but not used.

In case of wrong information due to JCI’s mistake, we are fully responsible and will negotiate with customer to look for appropriate compensation.

6. Brand and copyright 

All copyright (be it registered or not), content of posts, products and all designs, writing, graphic, image, video, music, sound, source code, etc… in jcifactory.com website belong to Jupiter Crafts International Company Limited.

All content of this website is protected by copyright law of Vietnam as well as international agreements. All rights reserved.

7. Legal

All terms and conditions of this website is corrected by the Laws of The Socialist Republic of Vietnam and all Courts of all concerned levels shall in charge of solving any disputes arised from illegal usage of this website.

All complaints or disputes arised relating to transation in jcifactory.com or all Terms and Conditions shall be resolved via negotiation in an amicable way, arbitration and/or court in accordance with the Consumer protection law Clause No. 4 concerning solve disputes between consumers and organization, trader of goods and services.

Customers is prohibited to interfere into system or change the data structure of jcifactory.com website. If violated, your visit shall be banned and taken legal action, depending on the level of violation.

8. Information security and privacy:

Your personal information security is one of top priorities, in order to assure your satisfaction when shopping at jcifactory.com. We promise to only use customer’s information in order to enhance quality of service and contribute to a friendly shopping environment, secured. All policies are as follows:

1- Purpose and scope of information collection
· Informing sale and promotion programs of JCI to customers
· Solving problems, troubles when using jcifactory.com website
. JCI only ask customer to provide Name, Phone, Address and Email (not compulsory).

2- Scope of information usage
· JCI promise not to sell, share or leak your personal information for trading purpose
· Customer should not also exchange or share contact information or credit card to any third party in order to prevent information leak
· If your computer or phone is shared with another person, please log out of jcifactory.com after visiting the website in order to protect your personal information and password.

3- Time of information storage
. Within 12 months of your visit to jcifactory.com to shop, if shopper do not go back to the website, the system shall automatically delete user’s information.

4- Address of company which collect and manage your personal information
. Jupiter Crafts International Limited is the company who manage personal information of users
· If there is any questions or comments, please send us an email to [email protected] or call our Hotline +84 917.56 86 86

5- Mean and Tool for customer to access and change user’s information:
. To change your personal data, user may follow this link

6- Promise to secure customer’s personal information:
· All personal information at jcifactory.com shall be secured but in case it is legally requested, we have to provide it to the concerned legal bodies
· Customers are not allowed to interfere into the system or change the structure of jcifactory.com website. If violated, your visit shall be denied and taken legal action.

· If there is any question or comments, please send us an email to [email protected] or call our Hotline +84 917 56 8686

9. Secured and convenient payment at jcifactory.com

Option 1: pay through Paypal

Option 2: pay using credit card

Buying is simple at our website. Customer just need to follow the link and instruction on the web and provide the delivery information.